Onesight Global

Resource Acceleration

Onesight's revolutionary allocation

  • The best way for a resource to reach optimal working levels is with the assistance of a more experienced resource.
  • Our distinction in resource acceleration lies in an innovative mindset and a willingness to learn. New resources are integrated with experienced ones who already possess the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • We act on critical points in the development of the new resource, resulting in a unique learning curve and Junior resources operating with high responsibility and knowledge.
  • Onesight innovates further by introducing multiple allocations, assigning two or more resources to each position. This leads to improved performance and allows for new allocations to be made more quickly.
  • Our resources come from top universities, ensuring the quality and excellence of the services provided. They have international experience and are constantly updated and improved in line with market developments.

“Pairing knowledge with agility” - This defines Onesight's resource acceleration.

High grade project development

Privacy first big data oriented projects

We are currently focused on long running platforms and innovative scenarios
Our current customers are most aligned on:

  • Enterprise grade platforms and applications
  • High performance and cost effective solutions
  • Javascript and PHP as main base languages
  • Structured full development teams
  • Fullstack figures with resource rotation methodology in place

AI development

Generative AI (AGI), Immagery, reactive, awareness scenarios, narrow (ANI) and data theory

We've got professionals focused on a multitude of AI paths, focused on increasing the awareness level of our customers platforms and future proof development

Game development

Unity and Godot

  • Our expertise lies in crafting immersive experiences through Unity and Godot frameworks.
  • AR based scenarios with real world interaction
  • From concept to delivery, our team excels in transforming ideas into reality